Onkyo vs Yamaha

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Onkyo vs Yamaha

You finally decided to buy expensive premium-class audiovisual equipment, but don’t know which brand to prefer? This is not surprising, because today the market for audio and video equipment offers more than a wide selection of devices. Often in receivers of the same price range, similar components of different brands are used. And the difference in such devices is mainly in engineering solutions, such as the formation of an amplifier unit and the implementation of software features of each of the manufacturers, for example, the YPAO R.S.C (Yamaha) auto-calibration system against AccuEQ / AccuReflex (Onkyo). And this Onkyo vs Yamaha receiver comparison covers the aspect of the receivers of both companies

Onkyo review


The Japanese company Onkyo - appeared in 1946. Initially, it was called Osaka Denki Onkyo K.K. And today it is a reputable manufacturer of audio and video systems for home consumption, which are classified as high-definition. In 2000, the company created a 6.1-channel receiver, and in 2001, the company's specialists for the first time connected the receiver to a home theater system. In 2002, the Ethernet interface was already integrated into Onkyo devices, which allowed them to be connected to computers. Onkyo specialists use their own developments, as well as advanced technologies of well-known manufacturers when creating their products. For example, Audyssey and Dolby technologies. The manufacturer has 4 lines of receivers (from top to budget) - PR-RZ, TX-RZ, TX-NR, TX-SR. In terms of design, a distinctive feature of Onkyo devices in Yamaha vs Onkyo comparisons is a black matte case, which will be a good addition to any interior.

Yamaha review


Yamaha is one of the most respected brands. This Japanese company was founded at the end of the 19th century, or rather, in 1987, and is the world's leading manufacturer of home and professional audio equipment. Yamaha is also a leader in acoustic research and technology, as well as in the design and manufacture of sophisticated microprocessors.

Now the company is represented on the market of receivers; the company is represented by 4 lines - AVENTAGE, RX-V, TSR, RX-S. AVENTAGE is a series of top-rated AV receivers. And accordingly, the RX-S is a line of compact and simple home receivers. If you compare the Onkyo vs Yamaha receivers, the Yamaha receivers have a recognizable design feature - a stylish glossy insert at the top of the front panel, where a small display is hidden.