Best DJ Subwoofer for PA Systems

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Overall Audio features Extensive connection Control
SVS PB16-Ultra 9.3 9 9 10 See price
JBL SRX828SP 7.6 9 4 10 See price
JBL PRX818XLFW 6.6 8 4 8 See price
JBL PRX815XLFW 6.3 7 4 8 See price
JBL LSR310S 5.6 7 4 6 See price
Yamaha DXS15 MKII 5.6 7 4 6 See price
JBL EON618S 5 7 4 4 See price

Choosing the best DJ subwoofer is more difficult than usual; in addition, speakers from different manufacturers sound differently. Therefore, before purchasing acoustics, try to listen to speakers in real conditions. If you purchase speakers for a club or discos - you need to listen to them at their real power and on sound material as close as possible to the one you will use.

Talking about what your subwoofer should have is, among other things, the presence of XLR input/output and adjustment, a convenient carrying case is also possible. Speaking of enhancing sound at field events (for example, a corporate party, wedding, and so on), the dimensions and overall weight of the equipment come to the fore. Just imagine how heavy it will be to transport a bulky one and a half meter units. Such subs will never fit into a passenger car. Yes, they are equipped with wheels, but this does not mean that it is convenient to transport them. In this case, select the plastic. Today's technology allows for the production of plastic acoustic systems with a capacity of 500 watts RMS. Their weight is less than 15 kg, so anyone can transport and install them.

How will you integrate subs into your PA system?

There are several ways of adding subs to your system. One of the simplest is to create a sub-mix on your mixing console where you send the kick drum and bass to the Aux output and then connect that to your powered subwoofer or amp going to your passive subwoofers (no amp is required if you have a powered mixing console). Other options include running your live sound subwoofer in parallel to your main PA speakers if your subs have high pass filters. In more complex setups, you will use a crossover unit to split the frequencies before sending the signal to your subs or power amps.

Best DJ subwoofer reviews

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Yamaha DXS15 MKII - best overall

Our rating

Yamaha DXS15 MKII

The Yamaha DXS15 MKII is the best powered subwoofer for DJ on the market. The device is equipped with a DSP processor, which has the BOOST and XTENDED-LF modes, which allow you to enhance the sound of the low-frequency range and further expand the frequency range.

The sound is played by a 15-inch cone speaker with a 2.5-inch voice coil, capable of voicing frequencies from 40 Hz to 150 Hz. This allows you to change the crossover frequency from 80 to 100 or 120 Hz.

The built-in Class D amplifier provides a maximum power of 1020 watts and a nominal power of 800 watts. The upper bar of the sound pressure level is 135 dB, which guarantees stable operation of the subwoofer in conditions of even very loud music and background noise.

To create an array of two subwoofers, it is possible to turn on the cardioid mode of operation, which allows you to reduce the sound pressure on the stage and bring more sound to the hall. In order to avoid the antiphase effect when using two speakers at the same time, there is a phase inversion function. This model will perfectly cope with the scoring of the low-frequency range in medium and small concert halls, it is able to “rock” the room with powerful and clear sound, and also fill all the space both on the stage and in the hall. Yamaha DXS15 MKII

The input for connecting the sound source is made on two lockable XLR sockets. There are an output volume control and indicators reflecting the presence of clipping, peaks, the inclusion of a limiter and power supply. The output for connecting an additional subwoofer is also made on two XLR connectors. The model is made in a strip-type case, which effectively suppresses unwanted noises and vibrations, which allows the sound to remain clean at any volume. The case material is glued plywood of a meranti tree with a polymer coating. There is a 35 mm glass for installing the rod on top, and there is also an additional hole with an M20 thread. Four SPW-1 removable wheels for easy transport and an SPCVR-DXS152 protective case are optionally purchased.

Key specs

  • Power (RMS): 800 W
  • Driver size: 15"
  • Driver placement: front
  • Frequency response: 40-150 Hz
  • Full specs


  • Ergonomic and additional functionality simply simplified system setup and transportation
  • In particular, the DXS MKII is lighter by 2 kg and 3 kg, compared with their 15 and 12-inch predecessors


  • I find its minimalistic design not so attractive

SVS PB16-Ultra - best performance

Our rating

SVS PB16-Ultra

SVS PB16-Ultra is a flagship subwoofer in a bass-reflex enclosure. This classic design subwoofer with a large 16-inch driver and an intelligent 1500-watt amplifier is ready to easily play even the most demanding bass passages in your favorite music and movies what makes it the best powered PA subwoofer in terms of performance.

The PB16-Ultra is equipped with the largest driver ever used in SVS subwoofers. This lightweight but the stiff 16-inch cone is paired with an 8-inch voice coil - the largest ever used in home subwoofers.

Large cones are inherently difficult to control, but this huge voice coil provides accurate frequency response and fast movement for basses that never seem “slow” or “beeping”. Such a massive speaker requires serious electronic muscles for power and control, so the built-in amplifier Sledge STA-1500D is fully consistent with this task. The Sledge STA-1500D is responsible for amplification, delivering 1,500 W of constant power and 5 kilowatts in peak, DSP - 50-MHz AnalogDevices with a 56-bit filter. According to the company, this is the most sophisticated DSP used in consumer electronics.

Unlike many Class D amplifiers, this amplifier is equipped with a discrete transistor MOSFET output that can provide an incredible amount of current, allowing this 16-inch woofer to swing at extreme power levels. Keeping all this power under control is the task of Analog Devices' advanced digital signal processor. SVS PB16-Ultra

Built-in SVS PB16-Ultra instruments for fine-tuning the sound include three digital parametric equalizers with adjustable frequency. The Room Gain Compensation control system gives you the opportunity to eliminate problems associated with room acoustics, such as the tendency of bass to become overwhelming in small rooms. And of course, you get fully adjustable phase compensation and digital crossovers.

To simplify setup, SVS has moved the LED display to the front of the subwoofer. And they also included RCA stereo line-in plus balanced XLR inputs and outputs for flexible communication with a wide range of audio equipment, including high-quality stereo amplifiers and pre-amplifiers, AV processors, and AV receivers.

Key specs


  • The SVS app for controlling the sub is easy to navigate and has a great interface
  • The 15 amp circuit breaker is plenty to handle this unit. Even while also using other gadgets on the same dedicated circuit


  • You have to research what each setting is dedicated to

JBL LSR310S - best budget

Our rating


JBL LSR310S is an active mid-range studio subwoofer designed for use in small studios, including home studios, or as part of a home stereo system. Its main “trick” is Image Control Waveguide (ICW) technology, thanks to which a clear and transparent panorama is saved at almost any listening point, while the frequency accuracy is not violated. ICW is borrowed by JBL from studio monitors of the highest category M2, and its essence lies in a certain waveguide shape, which significantly improves the sound across the entire range. These features make this model the best budget professional subwoofer.

The base of the JBL LSR310S subwoofer is a specially designed low-frequency radiator with a diameter of 10 inches, which provides deep bass in the region of 27 Hz and 113 dB of peak sound pressure during prolonged use, without the risk of sound distortion or subwoofer failure. A Class D 200W amplifier is built-in. JBL LSR310S

It has inputs and outputs on professional balanced XLR and 1/4 "Jack connectors. There are traditional balanced inputs (left and right) for connecting stereo signals in the form of XLR and Jack standards. Thanks to this, you can connect the subwoofer to any studio monitor systems to expand the range, or as an LFE channel in surround sound systems. Switchable sensitivity settings -10 dB / 4 dB will help connect a wide variety of sources, as well as a crossfader with a variable crossover frequency. There is its own volume control.

Key specs


  • This sub provides solid, clean bass and has an included crossover
  • The rear panel is equipped with all the necessary controls and switching


  • One flaw is the bad foot installation. One foot had fallen right off

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