Best Wireless Subwoofer

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Rating 4.7 4.7
Overall Audio features Extensive connection Control
SVS PB-4000 9 10 8 7 See price 69
SVS SB-4000 8.8 9 8 7 See price 68
Klipsch Reference R-10SWi 7.3 6 8 8 See price 32
Sonos Sub Gen 3 6.6 6 6 7 See price 73
Klipsch R-12SWi 6.6 6 6 8 See price 50
Samsung SWA-W500 6 6 0 7 See price 74
Sonos SUB 6 5 5 7 See price 19
Samsung SWA-W700 4 5 inapt 7 See price 55

Wireless powered subwoofer is real salvation from unforeseen problems in a number of cases.

Indications that you need to buy the best wireless subwoofer:

  • you are an active but a little awkward person and often drop dishes and things;
  • you have extremely agile and cheerful children;
  • and / or animals that are allowed to walk throughout the apartment;
  • you are a supporter of cleanliness and order.

If you can apply at least one of the points to yourself, then the wireless unit will be your best option for accident insurance with equipment. Wireless subwoofer pros and cons (compared with wired ones)


  • The set up is fast
  • The connection is made reliably
  • It is much simpler than dealing with a bunch of wires


  • Sound quality deteriorates slightly

In defense of the wireless system, it should be said that you are unlikely to hear the difference in speaker quality with or without wires. Unless you are an avid music lover and a progressive engineer all rolled into one, with a delicate ear and a musical background.

The wireless sub is the choice of those who are sick of the abundance of cords around the room. If you can radically eliminate the annoying factor - why not take advantage of this?

Wireless subwoofer reviews

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Klipsch R-12SWi - best overall

Our rating

Klipsch R-12SWi

The Klipsch R-12SWi subwoofer is designed to work both in stereo systems and in a home theater and is able to efficiently sound large rooms. The design of the device is made in a single concept with the Klipsch speakers of the Reference series, which successfully combines black and copper-gold colors. All these features make this unit the best wireless subwoofer for home theater on the market.

Klipsch R-12SWi is equipped with a 12-inch bass speaker, which is located on the front panel and is closed by a removable protective net. The bass has a diffuser made of die-cast graphite (IMG) with an external copper coating that dampens unwanted vibrations and resonances. The speaker is connected to a powerful amplifier operating in class D. Klipsch R-12SWi

On the back of the Klipsch R-12SWi is a traditional set of controls. There are volume and frequency controls for the input filter, as well as a switch for the absolute phase of the signal. Klipsch R-12SWi is equipped with linear and LFE inputs. However, the peculiarity of this model is that it provides the possibility of wireless connection to the signal source.

For this purpose, the Klipsch R-12SWi has a built-in receiver, and a transmitter paired with it is included with the device. The latter can be connected to the LFE or line output of an AV receiver or stereo amplifier. The signal is transmitted at a frequency of 2.4 GHz without compression, which provides a wide dynamic range of sound and accurate frequency transmission.

The subwoofer develops significant sound pressure and works out without distortion the most dynamic special effects of modern cinema films.

Key specs


  • The wireless connection was instantaneous. Without any hassles at all
  • The sound quality is good, and I have it programmed in with an Audyssey setup, and without a single tweak to the "Sub" it blended indirectly


  • It doesn't have a low enough extension as for me personally
  • The roll-off slope also appears to be rather high

Sonos SUB - best performance

Our rating

Sonos SUB

This compact and originally designed wireless sub is able to fill the entire room with a “thick layer” of deep and unlimited bass from below, which will allow you to feel and hear any note, any beat, splash, or upside-down flip.

You can not only hear the difference in sound without a subwoofer and with it but feel it with your whole chest. Two bass drivers installed towards each other allow you to convert all energy into music sounds - loud and clear, without vibration of the case and without loss. According to our wireless subwoofer review, this model is the best in terms of performance.

No need to lay wires. No programming. Just press one button, then follow the instructions on the screen of your controller, and the system will automatically adjust all audio settings to precisely balance your SUB and the Sonos components working with it to create an unmistakably optimal sound in a particular room.

The subwoofer is wireless and designed to work perfectly both horizontally and vertically, so you can install the SUB in the room wherever you want - you can even put it flat under the sofa.

It has two D-Class amplifiers tuned perfectly for a combination of speakers and sound architecture, two speakers face to face for deeper, more luxurious sound, and zero mechanical noise.

There are dual speaker ports. The frequency range is up to 25 Hz. The Sonos SUB has all filter settings, active equalizer, and time adjustment are made digitally through DSP (digital signal processing) for sound without loss of sound quality. Sonos SUB

The system automatically adjusts the sound settings for the perfect balance between the SUB and the Sonos paired component to guarantee amazing quality.

Wireless connection: connect the WiFi network to your home using any router that supports 802.11b / g, 2.4GHz. It also works with SonosNet, a secure P2P network designed for use only with Sonos systems, to avoid WiFi. Using an ethernet port, you can connect SUB to a wired home network. The weight of this unit is 16 kg.

Key specs


  • Hi-Fi. Speakers sound better than the multi-room
  • The Bright LED can be configured to turn on/off via the Sonos app


  • The app is clunky and looks outdated

Klipsch Reference R-10SWi - best budget

Our rating

Klipsch Reference R-10SWi

Being the best budget bluetooth subwoofer Klipsch R-10SWi has the optimum combination of dimensions and bass depth, making it an excellent choice for many rooms and AV systems. The device is made in a durable, damped housing made of MDF, the exterior of which is made of black vinyl texture film. The subwoofer can be covered with a strong and acoustically transparent protective mesh.

The bass speaker is located on the front of the Klipsch R-10SWi and has a diameter of 10 inches. The woofer is equipped with a diffuser made of composite material and has a copper coating. Klipsch Reference R-10SWi

The power of the built-in Klipsch R-10SWi amplifier is 150 W (nominal value), and due to the work in the economy class D, it practically does not heat up even with prolonged use of the subwoofer. A feature of this model is the ability to wirelessly connect to a signal source, which further simplifies the placement of the Klipsch R-10SWi in the listening room. The receiver is built into the subwoofer, and the transmitter included in the kit must be connected to the line or LFE outputs of the AV receiver or stereo amplifier. The signal is transmitted at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, while the connection occurs automatically after turning on the subwoofer. Klipsch R-10SWi also provides traditional line / LFE inputs.

Key specs


  • The appearance of the subwoofer is fully consistent with the Klipsch Reference Series speakers, and they will look organically included
  • The subwoofer provides adjustment of the input signal level and the input filter tuning frequency


  • Some customers state that this model may be unreliable (an amplifier issue)

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