Popular integrated amplifier comparisons 2023

  • Rega Brio review Marantz PM6006 review

    Rega Brio vs Marantz PM6006

    The model uses current feedback, with which it is possible to minimize distortion, expand the frequency range, obtain excellent transient characteristics and, in combination with a powerful PSU, ensure reliable operation even with capricious speakers in terms of impedance. Looking at Marantz PM6006 vs Rega Brio power output we can con...
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  • Marantz PM6006 review Onkyo A-9110 review

    Marantz PM6006 vs Onkyo A-9110

    The Marantz PM6006 amplifier is an updated version of the PM6005 model, which received high awards from specialized publications. The preliminary and final stages of this unit are assembled on discrete elements, and there are no microcircuits on the signal path. Let’s look at Marantz PM6006 vs Onkyo A-9110 power output. He...
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  • Marantz PM6006 review Yamaha R-N602 review

    Marantz PM6006 vs Yamaha R-N602

    Comparing Marantz PM6006 vs Yamaha R-N602 we can see the differences in their power output. Yamaha has 80W, while PM6006 can offer two times less at the same 8-ohm load. The Marantz PM6006 circuit integrates HDAM SA2 and HDAM SA3 discrete amplifier modules. The changes affected the output section, which now provides higher pea...
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  • Marantz PM6006 review Audiolab 6000A review

    Marantz PM6006 vs Audiolab 6000A

    Amplifier Marantz PM6006 has a low body, and its front panel almost completely follows the design of the facade PM6005. In the center is a strip with LED diodes indicating the choice of source. Below is the Source Direct key to start the signal bypassing the tone block and adjust the balance, the key to select the speaker se...
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  • Marantz PM6006 review Yamaha A-S701 review

    Marantz PM6006 vs Yamaha A-S701

    The power output of Yamaha A-S701 vs Marantz PM6006 is 100/8 W/Ohm and 40/8 W/Ohm. The Yamaha A-S701 Integrated Amplifier has a circuit topology that uses proprietary ToP-ART technology. Thanks to such circuitry and Direct Symmetrical Design, the right and left channels are absolutely symmetrical. In this case, the signal tr...
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  • Yamaha A-S1100 review Marantz PM8006 review

    Yamaha A-S1100 vs Marantz PM8006

    The model has a discrete circuit topology using selected premium components, it has a high slew rate and has spaced power amplification stage boards, which ensures complete separation of channels and eliminates their mutual influence on each other. Between the boards there is a power supply unit equipped with a massive trans...
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  • Marantz PM8006 review Yamaha A-S801 review

    Marantz PM8006 vs Yamaha A-S801

    The amplifier design uses a separate master oscillator that eliminates jitter. On the facade of the building there is a series of LED indicators that determine the format of the incoming digital signal and its sampling frequency. The Yamaha A-S801 is equipped with an MM phono stage and has a set of line inputs, as well as coax...
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  • Yamaha A-S701 review Yamaha A-S801 review

    Yamaha A-S701 vs A-S801

    On board there is a 32-bit ES9010K2M DAC supporting PCM up to 32 bit / 384 kHz and DSD (2.8 / 5.6 MHz) when connected via an asynchronous USB port, for which the company offers a Yamaha Steinberg ASIO2.3 driver that provides the minimum delay and high bandwidth. The amplifier design uses a separate master oscillator that elimina...
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  • Yamaha A-S301 review Denon PMA-800NE review

    Yamaha A-S301 vs Denon PMA-800NE

    Comparing Yamaha A-S301 vs Denon PMA-800NE you should look at their power output per channel. Yamaha has 60/8 while Denon boasts 50/8 W/Ohm. Yamaha A-S301 received a fairly strict design. The aluminum case with a massive front panel has a thoughtful passive cooling system and a functional control panel. Large ergonomic contr...
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  • Cambridge Audio CXA60 review Audiolab 6000A review

    Cambridge Audio CXA60 vs Audiolab 6000A

    Audiolab Introduces 6000A Integrated Amplifier with DAC Based on ESS ES9018 Chip, Bluetooth, Phono Input and Headphone Amplifier. On board the amplifier there are four digital inputs - a pair of optical and coaxial, capable of receiving a signal as high as 24 bit / 192 kHz. Three digital filters are provided: f...
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  • Peachtree Audio nova300 review Peachtree Audio nova150 review

    Peachtree Audio nova300 vs nova150

    The nova300 has two times higher power output than its Peachtree brother: 300W vs 150W at 8 Ohms. The source inputs are many — two USB, of which one is solely dedicated to syncing with Apple products intelligently. From there, one digital coaxial cable, and then two digital optical i...
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  • NAD D 3020 V2 review PS Audio Sprout100 review

    NAD D 3020 V2 vs PS Audio Sprout100

    The Sprout100 has almost two times more power output than its opponent. 50W vs 30W at 8 Ohms. A serious and functional filling was placed in a compact case: a DAC based on the ESS Saber 9016 chip, a Bluetooth module, a phonopred, a headphone amplifier and a class D power amplifier. The updated topology, according to th...
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  • Yamaha A-S301 review Onkyo A-9110 review

    Yamaha A-S301 vs Onkyo A-9110

    The opponent’s power loses Yamaha in two times - 60W vs 30W both at 8 Ohms. The Yamaha A-S301 amplifier is equipped with both traditional analog and modern digital inputs (optical and coaxial) for connecting to modern TVs or Blu-ray players, and the built-in phono stage allows you to easily connect a vinyl record player. The...
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  • Yamaha A-S301 review NAD C 316BEE review

    Yamaha A-S301 vs NAD C 316BEE

    Gourmets of quality sound who are familiar with Yamaha equipment will recognize the new model in design. The company that produces amplifiers does this in its own unique style, which is difficult to confuse with others. This was reflected in the equipment in a positive way. The front panel is made of aluminum. It successfully loca...
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  • Yamaha A-S501 review Yamaha A-S701 review

    Yamaha A-S501 vs A-S701

    The model in comparison with analogues has a budget price. At the same time, the sound quality is at a fairly high level. A special Pure Direct mode allows signals to travel along the shortest path, resulting in a clean reproduction of songs. A-S701 has gold-plated connectors. They prevent loss of signal. The presence of gold-pl...
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  • Cambridge Audio CXA60 review Cambridge Audio CXA80 review

    Cambridge Audio CXA60 vs CXA80

    The power output per channel of this device is slightly higher than his opponent’s. Here we have 40/8 vs 30/8 W/Ohm. The Cambridge Audio CXA 80 is equipped with four line-level inputs (in addition to the one located on the front panel), and also has pre-outs for connecting an external power ...
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  • Cambridge Audio CXA60 review Yamaha A-S801 review

    Cambridge Audio CXA60 vs Yamaha A-S801

    Yamaha A-S801 outweighs Cambridge with its 100/8 vs 30/8 W/Ohm. The A-S801 uses the ES9010K2M from ESS Technology, Inc. as the digital-to-analog converter. They selected it after a careful study of all the strengths, which in addition to high-precision processing of 32-bit audio signals include the ability to pro...
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  • Yamaha A-S501 review Yamaha A-S801 review

    Yamaha A-S501 vs A-S801

    Two Yamaha brothers defined who has more output power. 801 outweighs 501 with its 100/8 vs 85/8 W/Ohm. The high-strength chassis increases the density and clarity of the reproduced sound. For effective damping of vibrations that adversely affect the sound quality, the A-S801 amplifier chassis has a double bottom with a steel she...
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  • Marantz PM8005 review Yamaha A-S801 review

    Marantz PM8005 vs Yamaha A-S801

    The power output of these units is uncomparable as far as Yamaha has 100W while its opponent can boast only 35W at 8 Ohms. High power output and a good power supply provide easy, undistorted transmission of peak signals. Low output impedance ensures operation with any acoustics. A high-quality built-in DAC has coaxial, optical...
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  • Marantz PM8005 review Marantz HD-AMP1 review

    Marantz PM8005 vs HD-AMP1

    This unit delivers 20W/8 Ohms of power vs 35/8 from his Marantz opponent. The device is made on a two-layer chassis with an additional bottom plate, which effectively dampens any mechanical vibration that can degrade the sound. The HD-AMP1 is the first Marantz model in this class to use pulsed amplification technology. The...
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