Denon vs Onkyo

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Denon vs Onkyo

Often, users want to buy a device with improved functionality or buy a receiver of an older class, which usually has a better sound. However, the choice of devices of the same class from different manufacturers can sometimes be interesting. It happens that receivers from different manufacturers based on the same components sound worse, and sometimes vice versa, better. Also, models of the middle and high price category have additional functions and each manufacturer has its own unique features. We believe that our the Denon vs Onkyo receiver comparison of customers makes an informed choice by assembling a home theater system.

Denon review


Denon was founded in 1910, and in 1951 it became the first Japanese audio company to sell long-playing records. In the early 70s, Denon developed and manufactured the world's first practical PCM digital recording device. Over the years, Denon has built up an impressive reputation, gained respect and numerous praise from all over the world as a manufacturer of Hi-Fi products of exceptional quality. Recently, using the accumulated experience and qualifications to create audio-video components, Denon has gained an enviable position as one of the world leaders in the production of home theater equipment. The receivers we are interested in are represented by two AVR-X and AVR-S lines. In our Onkyo vs Denon comparison, it is worth mentioning that Denon A/V receivers are provided with carefully selected parts that demonstrate excellent characteristics for the highest sound quality in the reference S1 series of components. These parts include power supply capacitors and carbon resistors.

Onkyo review


The history of Onkyo dates back to September 1946. Then, engineer Takeshi Godai created Osaka Denki Onkyo K.K. Today ONKYO is moving in three directions in its work - it produces amplifiers (preamps), audio and video systems, produces speakers for various systems, and is also engaged in broadcasting. ONKYO experts consider the last area of activity to be the most promising and promising. For the best playback of media files, Onkyo specialists successfully combine technological innovations and high build quality of their products. As a result, sound and video are more emotional and voluminous. If you compare Denon vs Onkyo, then most Onkyo receivers have advanced network capabilities. Scaling of input video signals up to 1080 times occurs with the help of Faroudja DCDi Cinema processors, followed by output via HDM, with the transfer of over 1 billion colors.