Subwoofers review

  • SVS PB16-Ultra review

    SVS PB16-Ultra

    The SVS PB16-Ultra is the perfect subwoofer for people who want to shake an entire building with sharp bass. This model is built and engineered using the latest technology that helped achieve clear audio output. The PB16-Ultra is not only a very powerful solution but also looks very modern. Below in the SVS PB16-Ultra review you will see why this model is so c...
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  • JBL EON618S review

    JBL EON618S

    We present to your attention the active subwoofer JBL EON618S, which belongs to the EBL600 series from JBL Professional. This model has been specifically designed to guarantee high-end performance in a wide range of sound systems supporting the EON600 and other full-range systems. See other innovations in the JBL EON618S review! ...
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  • Definitive Technology Supercube 2000 review

    Definitive Technology Supercube 2000

    The SuperCube 2000, with its powerful bass that you can feel with your whole body, covers an area of less than a square foot. From the explosive impulse for films to the extreme precision for music, the successor to the most successful subwoofer in the history of Definitive Technology can do it all. Enjoy the powerful bass sound of th...
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  • Dayton Audio SUB-1500 review

    Dayton Audio SUB-1500

    The Dayton Audio SUB-1500 is a great subwoofer if you want to fill your room with trembling bass. This is a great, powerful model that can give you a clean, well-balanced sound. This model is also equipped with various dials that allow you to control numerous parameters to make it an integral part of your sound settings. This model was designed so that yo...
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  • Polk Audio PSW125 review

    Polk Audio PSW125

    Polk Audio PSW125, striking viewers with its deep bass effect, is the best subwoofer for your home theater or stereo system located in a medium-sized room. Continue reading Polk Audio PSW125 review for more details. Article navigation
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  • Dayton Audio SUB-800 review

    Dayton Audio SUB-800

    Dayton products come from DIY pedigree and professional audio, where performance and durability are essential. The value of this entire submarine line is obvious. This cheap little subwoofer can rattle in a small house if you want it. If you place the Dayton Audio SUB-800 on a hard floor, it will pass right through the output port. There is a reason why he ...
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  • Klipsch Reference R-10SWi review

    Klipsch Reference R-10SWi

    Klipsch is a recognized leader with credibility for its outstanding sound quality and manufacturing standard. So, let’s see what they offer us from the Klipsch Reference R-10SWi review! Article navigation ...
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  • Yamaha DXS12 review

    Yamaha DXS12

    Active subwoofer DXS12 - represents an innovative series of subwoofers DXS from Yamaha, which combines modern technology, unique design and advanced solutions of engineers. See more insights in this Yamaha DXS12 review! Article navigation
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  • Dayton Audio SUB-1000L review

    Dayton Audio SUB-1000L

    The Dayton SUB-1000L has earned the respect of the public for its performance and size. Its design is nothing special just because basically all the subwoofers look the same - they are black and square. Its price deserves attention for an incredible deal. The device meets all the requirements, making the sound more voluminous, strong, deep and realistic...
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  • JBL PRX418S review

    JBL PRX418S

    Have you been looking for a compact subwoofer model for a long time? We suggest you pay attention to the compact subwoofer JBL PRX418S - a stylish and powerful device. Regardless of your location, this device is able to provide you with a lively and powerful sound. See more information in this JBL PRX418S review!
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  • Pioneer SW-8 review

    Pioneer SW-8

    Designed by Pioneer’s Chief Speaker Engineer, internationally renowned Andrew Jones, this subwoofer comes with a remarkable pedigree of over 70 years of Pioneer audio heritage and industry firsts. Let’s see the Pioneer SW-8 review to find out what engineers offer us! Article navig...
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  • Klipsch K100-SW review

    Klipsch K100-SW

    Deep, thundering bass is needed to create a powerful home system. The Klipsch K100-SW subwoofer incorporates the classic look and the right technology to provide the perfect subwoofer for high-performance configurations. See more details in the Klipsch K100-SW review! Article navigation...
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  • Elac S10EQ review

    Elac S10EQ

    The new ELAC Debut S10EQ subwoofer model has excellent bass control and excellent room integration capabilities. See what else can this sub offer you in the Elac S10EQ review. Article navigation Features
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  • Samsung SWA-W700 review

    Samsung SWA-W700

    This unit has almost all the necessary functions and it can be supplemented by other speakers from Samsung, however if you want to get the highest quality bass you can add it to a soundbar. More about it in this Samsung SWA-W700 review! Article navigation
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  • Amazon Echo Sub review

    Amazon Echo Sub

    The team from Amazon decided to add to the previously released bass speakers by introducing us to the Echo Sub subwoofer. Let’s what it can do in this Amazon Echo Sub review! Article navigation Features
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  • Sony SACS9 review

    Sony SACS9

    The Sony subwoofer for home theater is of high quality and incredible power. The durable case not only copes with aesthetic functions perfectly, but also provides the necessary conditions for high-quality functioning. You can find more insights in this Sony SACS9 review! The Sony subwoofer for home theater is of high quality and incredible power. The durable case not o...
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  • Klipsch R-110SW review

    Klipsch R-110SW

    Klipsch is the oldest, largest and most famous American company manufacturing Hi-Fi acoustics. A distinctive feature of Klipsch acoustics is the horn emitters, which provide unrivaled fidelity in home cinema and stereo systems. Real American sound is the acoustics of Klipsch Reference R-110SW! Let’s proceed to Klipsch Reference R-110SW review!...
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  • Klipsch R-12SWi review

    Klipsch R-12SWi

    Designed for larger spaces, the R-12SWi wireless subwoofers delivers incredible, room-filling bass without the need for a subwoofer cable. The R-12SWi gives you complete freedom to find the optimal location for both maximum output and aesthetics. Follow the Klipsch R-12SWi review for more insights.
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  • JBL PRX818XLFW review


    PRX818XLFW - represents a line of high-tech active subwoofers of the well-known manufacturer of professional acoustics - the company JBL. Check out JBL PRX818XLFW review for additional details. Article navigation Featur...
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  • Acoustic Audio PSW-8 review

    Acoustic Audio PSW-8

    Acoustic Audio subs, which is a well-known name for home audio enthusiasts, has extended on the success of their PSW series with the powered subwoofers called PSW-8. This 8-inch down-firing powered subwoofer has got a sophisticated and sleek design, which makes it extremely pleasing to our eyes. See more in this Acoustic Audio PSW-8 review!
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