Marantz vs Onkyo

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Marantz vs Onkyo

Modern AV-receivers are the most technological and multifunctional.

Such a universal device provides the interconnection of all audio and video equipment, improving the quality of the output signal. Receivers are the basis for creating a wired or wireless professional control system for music and video devices.

And often, buyers have difficulties in choosing a home receiver. We recommend that you use this page to make the Marantz vs Onkyo receiver comparison and determine your choice.

Marantz review


The Marantz company was founded in 1953 by Saul B. Marantz (1911-1997), who, being a great connoisseur of music, created high-class equipment for the same lovers. It is no exaggeration to say that audiophiles around the world who wanted to become the owners of the most advanced sound-reproducing equipment, starting in 1953, turned their eyes to Marantz products.

Marantz audio-video receivers allow you to fully enjoy your home theater. Careful development of structural details and the use of the latest technology will allow you to fully experience the power and drama of modern ideas, and provide multi-channel sound with the unprecedented power of emotional impact. Marantz receivers are a wide list of devices that are divided into two lines SR and NR.

With Marantz's Hi-Fi components, you can create a system that will take your home entertainment to the next level in versatility and power. And in the Onkyo vs Marantz comparison, you can choose a simple or complex device in accordance with your needs and capabilities.

Onkyo review


The company began operations in 1946 under the name Osaka Denki Onkyo K. K. Onkyo equipment is known to connoisseurs and lovers, primarily due to the rare combination of “relevance, super reliability, optimal price”.

Today, the second participant of the Marantz vs Onkyo review has a wide range of devices. First of all, this is home theater equipment (AV receivers and DVD players).

The Onkyo receiver line has not ceased to be improved and is being updated to this day, replenishing store shelves with superb models - from flagship versions supporting the latest technologies to amateur series, close in capabilities to the top-end Integra Research both of the average price level (TX-NR), so and completely inexpensive (TX-SR). Almost all receivers support the new Net-Tune technology developed by the company allows the use of conventional Ethernet networks to distribute audio throughout the house, organizing the so-called multi-room systems where you can order your own music for each room.