Marantz vs Yamaha

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Marantz vs Yamaha

An A/V receiver is an integral part of your home theater. At the moment, the market is crowded, so users have to make a difficult choice among many similar devices. And they are faced with the task of choosing a good device for their budget, and often finding a balance between the necessary functions and unnecessary tricks of marketers can be an impossible task. We suggest making a Marantz vs Yamaha receiver comparison on this page.

Marantz review


Among the companies that can boast of products that for many years have determined the development of Hi-Fi technology, the name Marantz is present. The company was founded in the USA in 1953 by Saul B. Marantz (1911-1997), who, as a music lover himself, also created equipment (primarily amplifiers) for the same fans of the Marantz brand.

The first twenty years, from 1953 to 1973, were truly the golden age of the Maranz firm. No wonder in 1996 the production of the popular creations of Marantz of those years was resumed.

Now Marantz is a company with more than 1,600 employees in 50 countries. The No. 1 figure, ideologist and generator of new technical solutions in the company is Ken Ishivata, who has won worldwide recognition of professionals and connoisseurs of Hi-Fi equipment. The best products of the company have earned the right to bear his name on the front panel - “K.I.Signature”.

Among the Marantz receivers, the buyer can choose among the models presented in the two series NR (budget devices) and SR (mid-budget and flagship devices). In Yamaha vs Marantz comparison, these receivers stand out with a unique recognizable design and a set of exclusive technologies, for example, Smart Home Voice Automation and HEOS.

Yamaha review


Yamaha was founded in 1887 by Torakuzu Yamaha, a reed organ master.

Since then, the Yamaha trademark has gained worldwide fame and respect from the musicians of the planet of the world due to the highest sound quality obtained as a result of the synthesis of traditional methods of design and production with the most modern technologies, the latest achievements in the field of electronic technology. Currently, YAMAHA is the only company in the world producing almost all kinds of musical instruments.

However, the list of products of the company is not only musical instruments, but there also was a place for other audio equipment. If we compare Marantz vs Yamaha, that the Yamaha has 4 series on the receiver market:

  • RX-V
  • TSR
  • RX-S

Yamaha receivers are famous for their excellent assembly, where attention is paid to even the smallest details - from the legs of the case to the construction of the sound path.