Polk Audio vs SVS

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Polk Audio vs SVS

When it comes to buying a subwoofer of high quality, one takes into account various aspects. For example, the purpose of buying that conditions the characteristics of the device, or price that will be the decisive factor for people, not willing to overpay for a brand´s name. Others prefer to rely only on their friends and acquaintances´ recommendations. Today we are going to look into Polk Audio vs SVS subwoofer comparison and figure out the difference between the products of these two manufacturers.

Polk Audio review

Polk Audio

Polk Audio is claimed to give their customers an authentic American sound. The company was found in 1972 by a few American students who were passionate about sound and rock´n roll. Since then Polk Audio has been developing the techniques to provide what is called real American Hi-Fi for decades in their labs in Baltimore, Maryland. And we should mention that, indeed, all the speakers and subwoofers of the brand are known for their high –quality reproduction of the sound. Moreover, Polk Audio offers its clients a great variety of speakers and subwoofers, so one can definitely find something to his liking.

If you are lost in Polk Audio vs SVS comparisons, we recommend you to pay attention to some of the subwoofers characteristics. Apart from the obvious fact that Polk Audio products cost less than SVS devices, you also should take notice of that the majority of their models are equipped with detachable grilles and an active amplification type. Moreover, high frequency response (35-200 Hz) and sensitivity of 90 dB make stand out such models as Polk Audio PSW111 and Polk Audio PSW10. The company is a good option for those who are seeking balance between price and quality.

SVS review


As a rule, behind big brands there is always an industry icon, the soul of the company that inspires the whole team. In SVS case it is Gary Yacoubian who has been known in audio industry for more than 25 years already. The company is based in Youngstown, Ohio and is always open to the customers´ suggestions and feedbacks. The mission of SVS is to provide highly technical, professionally engineered product that ensures audio excellence. It should be mentioned that SVS subwoofers won many awards and are known all over the world for the feelings they give with every listening session.

SVS subwoofers are distinguished by their exceptional sensitivity which in all the models is no lower than 112 dB. And in comparison to Polk Audio models, the frequency response of which do not exceed 200 Hz, SVS subwoofers can reach 360 Hz or even 460 Hz as SVS SB13-Ultra. No doubts, if you chose to buy a subwoofer of this brand, you will not regret it any moment. But as always, you are expected to pay quite a lot for such a quality. No matter SVS or Polk Audio subwoofer, both companies offer a wide range of great subwoofer models and it is you who chooses among them one that meets your requirements.