Denon vs Marantz

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Denon vs Marantz

What distinguishes the Marantz receiver from the Denon receiver - this question often worries fans of good sound and cause Denon vs Marantz receiver comparison. These two trademarks belong to the same parent company - D&M. Although it may seem that the companies actually copy the design from each other.

First, we should note that companies have completely different engineering groups that are responsible for the final characteristic sound of the products of each brand and customers can make Marantz vs Denon comparisons on this page. However, as for the design of the receivers, it is immediately obvious that the front panels are different.

Denon review


The first participant of our Denon vs Marantz review is known for its impeccable and stylish products of high quality, and, most importantly, time-tested business knowledge and craftsmanship. As an audiovisual producer, Denon is primarily focused on the production of audio and visual components. Now, the name Denon has been associated with a gorgeous image and impressively detailed and powerful surround sound.

The company also has two receivers series – Series X and Series S. And if we compare flagship receivers Marantz SR8012 and Denon X8500H we can mark not only noticeable differences in design but also different in the construction of the sound path where the SR8012 has a sophisticated DSP audio processing system that incorporates no less than four powerful high-speed fourth generation SHARC DSP processors. This allows multi-channel audio processing and provides digital ultra-high-resolution sound filtering and accuracy for all audio channels providing a natural soundstage with enhanced visualization.

Marantz review


The Marantz company was founded in 1953, and a year later the Model 1 mono preamplifier went into serial production. This amplifier included a very advanced phono stage amplifier that easily met all the requirements of the RIAA standard adopted in the same year. Today Marantz manufactures Hi-Fi equipment in three series: Range Series, which is characterized by multifunctionality and flexibility of capabilities, Style Series, characterized by design elegance and simplicity, and Premium Series, class Hi-End.

Receivers by Marantz are represented by only two series: budget NR and more expensive SR. In turn, the SR series includes both medium-budget and flagship devices. Regardless of the series, the receivers of both brands have common features - this is the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 automatic sound calibration system and HEOS technology. However, one of the clear differences between these receivers is the higher quality screw terminals and support for Legacy Audio from Marantz.