Sonos vs Sony

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Sonos vs Sony

And again you can’t decide which company’s soundbar is better? What to choose Sonos or Sony, a two-companies with such similar names, but starting their journey from different countries. Sonos vs Sony soundbar comparison is a good way to finally decide. Company Sonos is an American representative who makes excellent audio equipment and is well known in America. Sony company - which began its journey in Asia, but since then, has earned the image of an excellent developer of not only audio systems, but also other equipment. Yes, it was precisely in order to compare the soundbars of these two companies that this page was created, which will help you not make a mistake, making such an important and not obvious choice, which you can then remember as good or regret.

Sonos review


The first company to be discussed is Sonos. It was founded in the United States of America in 2002 and since then has gained the trust of a huge number of Americans and more.

Although the main office of this company is located in Santa Barbara, while it has 122 more offices located around the world. You can find the office of this company in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, France and 8 more countries. At the same time, she mainly sells products through resellers such as Amazon, for example, so you can order the soundbar of this company from anywhere in the world.

Soundbars have good sound quality and value for money. Everyone will be able to find a soundbar in a suitable price category, as there are various lines from cheap to exclusive and very expensive soundbars.

Superb sound everywhere is the goal and mission of the company; with which it copes well.

Sony review


Now we will talk about one of the Asian giants, company Sony. She is engaged not only in the production of audio systems and audio components; many know it for other products of the company.

Of course, anyone who has ever used Sony products does not need to explain that these products have been made for centuries. Being not expensive and very high quality, it quickly wins the heart of the buyer and after that you do not want to use the technology of another company anymore.

This also applies to soundbars, including both expensive models and budget ones.

The offices and factories of this company are located around the world, over and over again improving their last result, pursuing the goal: to achieve the ideal. Sony vs Sonos comparisons will help determine the choice, but it’s up to you to decide.