Onkyo vs Pioneer

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Onkyo vs Pioneer

Today, receivers are at the peak of popularity, and many famous brands have their own line of receivers. Naturally, each manufacturer wants to stand out from the rest, but only the true patriarchs of audio technology succeed. Many brands are well-known and have millions of fans. However, if you have not yet found your favorite brand, we advise you to start the search with the best manufacturers of receivers or you can make Onkyo vs Pioneer receiver comparison on this page.

Onkyo review


Founded in 1946, Onkyo, along with renowned global brands, has helped provide budgetary high-performance audio and home theater electronics for home theater enthusiasts.

Since its founding, Onkyo has established itself as an innovator and manufacturer of the highest quality audio devices in the world, making the word "Onkyo" a synonym for superior sound and high-end speakers and audio components. In the 70s, Onkyo receivers were enthusiastically received by critics.

In our Onkyo vs Pioneer review, we need to indicate important aspects of the formation of the company in the receiver market. Back in 2000, Onkyo introduced the world's first 6.1-channel TX-DS787 receiver and 7.1-channel TX-DS989 receiver. In 2001, Onkyo launches the innovative TX-DS494 AV receiver with support for Dolby ProLogic II. In 2002, the first TX-NR900 AV receiver with Ethernet RJ-45 interface was released

Now, notable Onkyo receiver series include the:

  • TX-NR Series
  • TX-SR Series
  • TX-RZ Series

Onkyo had several world-class innovations, such as the first Surround EX receiver, the first modular receiver, and the first THX-certified 5.1 channel receiver.

Pioneer review


Pioneer Corporation, a world-renowned manufacturer of audio and video equipment and electronic equipment, began its activity back in 1938 when a company producing sound equipment was founded in the capital of Japan, Tokyo. Over the past 80 years, the company has achieved significant success, taking one of the leading positions in the electronics market and covering many countries with a network of branches with a total number of employees of more than 31 thousand people. Its products are in demand not only for home use, but it is also purchased by many commercial organizations and manufacturing enterprises.

In this Pioneer vs Onkyo comparison, it is important to note that Pioneer values ​​the quality of its products above all: the technique of this brand fulfills 100% in all respects.

It is also important that the operation of most Pioneer models is as automated as possible. You do not have to puzzle over how to configure the receiver and achieve optimal results. All for you will do the “smart” technology from Pioneer. It is in this aspect that Pioneer products are significantly different from what other companies such as Onkyo produce.