Denon vs Yamaha

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Denon vs Yamaha

The situation in the audio market poses a difficult choice for users due to the huge variety of models presented by leading world brands. By the Denon vs Yamaha receivers comparison, we will give customers an excursion into the world of high-quality audio equipment and the opportunity to compare here the models of these two manufacturers. Denon has built up an impressive reputation by high attention to the improvement of recording and reproducing equipment. However, Yamaha is a recognized leader in various fields, from the production of musical instruments and audio-video products to information technology.

Denon review


The company began its history in 1910, founded by an American Frederick Whitney Horn under the name Nippon Chikuonki Shokai. Initially, the company's specialization was the production of phonographs and vinyl records with classical music. Over the years, radio stations and major music salons around the world have become regular customers of the brand. Nowadays, Denon has been reorganized into a corporation and remains the only one in the industry that designs and manufactures hardware and software products. If you compare Denon vs Yamaha, then at Denon supports only two series of receivers AVR-X and AVR-S, respectively flagship and budget.

If we draw an analogy with the Yamaha rival brand, then the design and the external design of the devices themselves are very similar, but a noticeable difference can be noticed only by looking at the internal design of the receivers and the proprietary technologies with which they work. So Denon receivers stand out for their native support for HEOS technology.

Yamaha review


Yamaha Corporation was founded in 1887 and has received recognition and respect from musicians due to the highest sound quality resulting from the synthesis of traditional design and production methods with the most modern technologies, as well as with the latest achievements in the field of electronics technology. Today the company has a wide range of receivers. Yamaha all models are divided into lines AVENTAGE, RX-V, TSR, RX-S.

The flagship is the AVENTAGE line, which incorporates the best practices of Yamaha engineers, such as materials and construction details, layouts, vibration damping (a unique leg) and “fine-tuning” of sound YPAO R.S.C. And besides, if you look at the brand from the point of view of Yamaha vs Denon comparisons, it should be noted that Yamaha has both universal devices that are suitable for any home theater and audiophile models from the TSR line, which are aimed at maximum audio performance.