Bose vs Sonos

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  • Sonos Playbar review

    Sonos Playbar

    • Sonos
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    The low-profile design of the panel corresponds to the Sonos corporate identity; it is successfully designed in such a way that it can look relatively flat both when mounted on a wall and when installed under a TV. The Playbar is also one of the few sound panels that convincingly simulate surround sound - it creates the feeling that the room, as if, really has sepa...Continue Reading
  • Sonos Beam review

    Sonos Beam

    • Sonos
    • | 400

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    Beam is the home theater speaker system in the Sonos universe. Positioned as a compact soundbar, the model not only sounds good, but also bears the proud title of “smart” thanks to the integrated Alexa assistant. Beam is easy to plug in and set up, and overall this soundbar deserves a buying recommendation. Let’s see all the Sonos Beam specs in our Sonos...Continue Reading
  • Bose Soundbar 500 review

    Bose Soundbar 500

    • Bose
    • | 600

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  • Bose Soundbar 700 review

    Bose Soundbar 700

    • Bose
    • | 800

    • 136
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    The most interesting soundbar in the premium category. In fact, this is a beautiful and functional device with excellent sound, allowing various improvements - you can add a wireless subwoofer, “rear”, you can use it as it is, and many more Bose Soundbar 700 specs. More of them in my Bose Soundbar 700 review. Continue Reading
  • Bose Solo 5 review

    Bose Solo 5

    • Bose

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    The small soundbar Bose Solo 5 - the model is not new, but well-deserved. According to the Bose Solo 5 specs, the solution may not be amazing, but even I was very pleased to use Solo 5 - despite acquaintance with older, advanced models. The thing is in the excellent combination of price and quality, and in the presence of a number of special functions that make use ple...Continue Reading