Yamaha vs Pioneer

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Yamaha vs Pioneer

Modern AV-receivers are crammed with so many technologies that it is very difficult for a simple buyer to understand them at first. What can I say, even home theater enthusiasts will not always be able to answer what this or that function of their multi-channel amplifier is responsible for. To be fully equipped when choosing a new receiver, we recommend that you read the material and make the Yamaha vs Pioneer receiver comparison on this page.

Yamaha review


Yamaha is a prime example of successful Japanese companies that emerged at the dawn of modernization in Japan in the 1880s. Yamaha Corporation is one of the most diversified companies in Japan and one of the oldest musical instrument manufacturers in the world. Since 1950, the company has also become an electronics manufacturer. Yamaha's high quality, design and technology are valued by professionals and have been recognized by many global enterprises and individual users.

Yamaha has a wide range of receivers. And as part of the Pioneer vs Yamaha comparison, we must specify that Yamaha AV receivers always featured spectacular digital sound processing modes; even in budget models, there are 29 basic programs, and with variations - 50. Moreover, part of the DSP functions has adjustable parameters (for example, the level of reflections and their delays). They are presented in the AVENTAGE and RX-V series.

AVENTAGE series is a series of top-end devices that embody the latest achievements of the company. Yamaha's RX-V series of AV receivers is the most numerous - it includes universal devices of the middle and lower price ranges, i.e. most popular. In addition to them, there are also TSR and RX-S series.

Pioneer review


The next participant of our Yamaha vs Pioneer review is Pioneer company.

Pioneer Corporation is an international corporation headquartered in Kanagawa, Japan, founded in 1938 as a workshop for repairing radios and loudspeakers. Founder - Nozoma Matsumoto.

Pioneer is widely known for its technological innovations in consumer electronics. In the twentieth century, Pioneer Corporation played an important role in the development of interactive cable television and stood at the origins of the creation of LD-, CD-, DVD-players and recorders, plasma TVs (Kuro family).

Today, Pioneer specializes in key areas such as embedded car navigation systems and car audio/video receivers, home audio/video systems with 3D technology.

The company has 3 series of receivers. Numerous VSX series and two SC-LX series VSX-LX devices are more expensive. Like most manufacturers, Pioneer has features that distinguish its receivers from the rest. For example, the Pioneer-developed Wide Surround Mode delivers sound with a very tight feeling in the front and sides. Also, the receivers are equipped with an accurate quartz controller, developed by the Pioneer Precision Quartz Lock System (PQLS), which eliminates distortions caused by temporary errors.