Best AV receivers that support Bluetooth

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Best AV receivers that support Bluetooth

AV-receivers are the central link of a modern audio-video system. This is not just a combination of an amplifier, video tuner and audio decoder in one device, it is also the ability to stream music from other devices. This is the popularity of such devices that can generally be called a bluetooth av receiver.

The ability to compare the best bluetooth av receiver on this page is provided to facilitate the selection of the device that suits you.

How to add Bluetooth to your receiver

AV receiver with bluetooth allows you to play content stored on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

The interface capabilities of Bluetooth can, in principle, be added to any receiver using external modules that are connected via USB, but the built-in option is much more convenient.

AV receivers with bluetooth transmitter can produce high-quality sound, so naturally, most of them are compatible with popular high-resolution audio formats such as FLAC and DSD.

In addition, Bluetooth technology provides the ability to control the receiver and wireless content transfer. It is very fast and convenient, especially if your musical addictions are more or less connected with mobile devices.

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