Pioneer vs Marantz

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Pioneer vs Marantz

The AV receiver is a central element of a multi-channel audio system or home theater. This component combines a number of important functions: multi-channel amplification, reception, and switching of audio-video signals of various modern formats, their decoding, conversion, and playback.

Recently, an important role has been played by the multimedia and network capabilities of the receivers when integrating them into a single home network. A lot of automatic functions, combined with wide functional equipment, made the process of its operation the most comfortable and intuitive.

Namely, on this page, you can make a Pioneer vs Marantz receiver comparison.

Pioneer review


Pioneer is one of the most popular Japanese brands, which produces media receivers and various components to achieve high-quality sound and image. Pioneer receivers are sophisticated and sophisticated devices that have great sound, stylish and modern designs. The company also manufactures a wide range of head units with a touch screen, USB radio, etc.

Thanks to the pricing policy of the company, now every buyer can become the owner of a high-quality media device. When choosing a Pioneer receiver due to the Pioneer vs Marantz comparison, the buyer can have no doubt that he will receive:

  • A multifunctional and high-quality media receiver that will make the sound quality of your home audio system unrivaled.
  • A device with an upscale design that fits perfectly into the interior of any room.
  • Reliable and high-quality assembly, which will last a long time and will please the owner every day.

Pioneer ideology implies the desire to faithfully carry out its work, maintaining and improving the trust of consumers, whose satisfaction is always a top priority for the company.

Marantz review


Each manufacturer of AV-receivers is trying to occupy its niche in the market. Over the years, Marantz has made it clear that their target audience is audiophiles.

Marantz brand products are now well known in the music world. Marantz personifies the High-End class - the highest quality audio playback with the current development of technology. The trademark was registered in 1953 in the USA, since then it changed owners several times until in 2001 the Japanese company Marantz Japan Inc. bought the rights to the Marantz brand. It was she who raised the company's products to a very high level.

Marantz receivers and amplifiers are now considered reference products in their field. The company itself is part of the holding D&M Holding, which includes such eminent brands as Denon, McIntosh, Rio.

However, in the Pioneer vs Marantz review, we should note that Marantz receivers have their own features.

  • Amplifier Hyperdynamic Modules (HDAM) - Exclusive modular circuits on discrete elements from Marantz, located between the volume control and the amplifier to improve performance.
  • Current feedback preamplifiers - provide a higher slew rate and lower distortion at all volume levels (especially at a low level), unlike the voltage feedback circuit.
  • Decoupling capacitors - help avoid residual noise and interference