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  • KEF HTF7003 review

    KEF HTF7003

    • KEF
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    For those who want to watch their favorite movies with the highest quality sound, but are not ready to sacrifice free space in the listening room, KEF offers a very interesting system - KEF KHT7005, which is a set of front speaker HTF7003, combining the left, the right and center front speakers, 2 rear satellites HTS7001 and the KUBE1 subwoofer, well known to lovers o...Continue Reading
  • Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-50 review

    Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-50

    • Definitive Technology
    • | 900

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    Definitive Technology is one of the most popular audiophile-class speaker brands in the United States. Critics and consumers value Definitive speakers for their use of premium materials, accurate production and uncompromising sound quality. That’s why here we want you to represent a Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-50 review where ...Continue Reading
  • Dayton Audio BS36 review

    Dayton Audio BS36

    • Dayton Audio
    • | 200

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