Pioneer VSX-LX503 vs Pioneer VSX-LX504

VSX-LX503 vs VSX-LX504 comparison chart

Pioneer VSX-LX503 vs Pioneer VSX-LX504 review

Pioneer VSX-LX503 vs Pioneer VSX-LX504

Pioneer VSX-LX503 review

The Pioneer VSX-LX503 Network AV Receiver has a 9.2-channel configuration with 180 watts per channel (8 ohms). The VSX-LX503 delivers the summarizing effect of Dolby Atmos / DTS:X technology, perfectly calibrated using the Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System (MCACC),, and even expandable to surround sound with channel configuration 7.2.4 using an external amplifier. FlareConnect wireless streaming technology provides multi-room wireless audio playback with simple remote control using the Pioneer Remote App, as well as the ability to enjoy Internet radio and network streaming services using Chromecast built-in wireless streaming and DTS Play-Fi through your smartphone. Powered Zone 3 provides support for a variety of home theater environments. Pioneer VSX-LX503

Pioneer VSX-LX504 review

Pioneer VSX-LX504 has a configuration of 9.2, power 9 x 180 W (8 Ohms). VSX-LX504 supports the transition to HDR10, HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) and Dolby Vision. The MCACC adjusts the sound according to the room and speakers, and also produces a cleaner sound by suppressing the standing waves that arise between walls or the ceiling and the floor. By connecting the VSX-LX504 to Sonos Connect, you can play any music or audio in your Sonos app. Pioneer VSX-LX504

Pioneer VSX-LX503 pros & cons


  • One major plus is that many of the VSX-LX503 functions can be controlled from the unit's front panel
  • The notations on the remote and the front panel are also more intuitive and easier to read than what we had with the older receiver


  • Setup is overly complex, poorly documented, and generally annoying

Pioneer VSX-LX504 pros & cons


  • The presence of preamp outputs for all channels
  • Lively and detailed sound
  • An advanced and efficient auto-calibration system


  • No support for aptX and aptX HD protocols when using Bluetooth

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