Sony STR-DN1080 vs Sony STR-DN1060

STR-DN1080 vs STR-DN1060 comparison chart

Sony STR-DN1080 vs Sony STR-DN1060 review

Sony STR-DN1060 vs Sony STR-DN1080

Sony STR-DN1060 review

The Sony STR-DN1060 receiver has a 7.2-channel amplifier and provides an output power of 165W/channel. The receiver also supports dual room mode with high-res audio. If compare Sony STR-DN1060 vs Sony STR-DN1080, the STR-DN1060 has the ability to work with 2 different sets of speakers due to the A / B switching function. Upscaling up to 4K and HDCP 2.2 processing provides high-quality audio and video. The receiver is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, supports the reception and playback of high-res audio files from network sources, including Spotify, and playback from external USB storage.

Sony STR-DN1080 review

Sony STR-DN1080 is a 5.1.2 (or 7.1) channel device with support of Dolby Atmos and DTS: X versus to Sony STR-DN1080 in which there is no support for such technologies. Sony STR-DN1080 is capable of transmitting 4K video and surround sound to two different residential areas. Wireless capabilities include Bluetooth, as well as Ethernet and Wi-Fi. For a good receiver setup, the DCAC EX auto-calibration system is used, which uses a fairly stereo microphone.

Sony STR-DN1060 pros and cons


  • The phantom speaker creation function allows a user to create a deeper and richer sound
  • AirPlay works well synchronous playback in multiple rooms


  • The firmware has lags during operation
  • The remote has a delay between pressing the button and the action on the screen

Sony STR-DN1080 pros and cons


  • Chromecast support means a user can play music through the AV receiver from any Android smartphone, or from the Chrome browser
  • There is support for Google Home, and therefore support for voice control
  • It is possible to use wireless rear speakers


  • The only music streaming platform onboard is Spotify
  • The Chromecast can be used for music playing

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